Graham Brown Martin's presentation about the purpose of education is to equip our children with the skills to reimagine society, to meet the challenges of their generation

Les Tablettistes: Where education and technology play

When it comes to innovation, the experts, enablers, and visionaries at Les Tablettistes agreed on two things:It needs to happen and at a faster rate to address our most intractable problemsYouth today are most likely to find solutions to these ... Continue Reading
How much do you understand DDoS attacks?

How much do you understand DDoS attacks?

Cyberattacks have recently made headlines, which gets us thinking about how Ontario's research, education and innovation community can be better informed and prepared to protect those in their institutions from such threats.To help shed light on and demystify the nature ... Continue Reading

Cybersecurity Submissions to the Government of Canada

October is a month of preparation, as we can see in the natural world around us. Likewise, October has been a month of national preparation for an improved cybersecurity strategy. The Government of Canada calls October the CyberSecurity Awareness Month, ... Continue Reading