CIRA D-Zone DNS Firewall

CIRA D-Zone DNS Firewall is a an easy to implement, powerful external network protection layer that shields organizations from malware by:

  • Blocking or redirecting users from accessing malicious sites
  • Blocking malware and phishing
  • Disabling botnets
  • Aggregating threat data to allow/deny traffic based on new intelligence

CIRA D-Zone DNS Firewall uses Akamai’s industry-leading recursive DNS technology and dynamic cyberthreat feed to detect malicious domains from global DNS data.

If your organization is participating in the Cybersecurity Initiatives Program and has executed the Organization Cybersecurity Collaboration Agreement (OCCA) with CANARIE, you can get started with CIRA D-Zone DNS Firewall by completing the CIRA program response form.




  • Disable malware by disrupting command and control – more than 90% of malware can be disabled at the DNS level by disrupting communication to command-and-control servers. 
  • Full deployment in minutes – protection for all devices and users on the network with no hardware or software to install.
  • Protection from phishing – new phishing domains detected and added to the block list in near real-time.
  • Customizable web content filtering – enforce acceptable Internet usage policies with easy-to-configure web content filtering, customizable down to individual URLs.
  • API integration – easy to integrate into existing dashboards or SIEMs for policy management, logs, alerts, etc.