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CIRA D-Zone Anycast

CIRA (Canadian Internet Registry Authority) D-Zone Anycast DNS service is a resilient Anycast DNS cloud. Through this program, ORION constituents get a high-availability global DNS that is resistant to Distributed Denial of Service (DoS) attacks. It is a risk-free and easy-to-add secondary DNS service that helps shore up the cybersecurity posture of an institution. In an Anycast DNS cloud, when one DNS name server goes down, it is automatically removed from the routing tables. DNS resolution remains fully available as the CIRA D-Zone leverages two separate Anycast clouds. This is included as a standard benefit of your ORION package.  


IBM SPSS is a software tool that is used for statistical analysis. ORION has partnered with IBM, where ORION is the sole provider of IBM SPSS Campus Value licenses to academic institutions in Ontario. ORION administers IBM SPSS Statistics Concurrent User Licenses (Base, Standard, Professional, Premium Editions) and constituents have the option to purchase four SPSS  license types at competitive pricing. This service is available to all constituents. 

Last Mile

Last mile provides dedicated point-to-point connections between ORION’s Points of Presence (PoPs) and end users’ sites. It is the final stretch of fibre connecting campuses of an institution to an ORION regional PoP, which extends the reach of ORION’s R&E network. At the request of our constituents, ORION is offering a fully managed end-to-end solution through last mile. We are leveraging the network footprint of our supplier partners, complementing and enhancing access to ORION’s network of 30 PoPs.  

ORION Cloud Connect

ORION Cloud Connect leverages the power of the ORION network to establish a private point-to-point connection from the cloud data centre directly to your premises. You get dedicated cloud connectivity and multiple cloud platforms, including AWS, Azure and Oracle.All you need to do is set up your account with your cloud service provider, and our support team will work with you to deploy your connection quickly so you can access data reliably, securely and cost-effectively.

ORION Cybersecurity Awareness Training

ORION Cybersecurity Awareness Training delivers training and phishing simulations to non-technical end-users, combining ORION’s community focussed cybersecurity approach with CIRA’s software-as-a-service platform. ORION’s Cybersecurity Awareness Training program empowers users to be an essential part of your defence against social engineering, instead of a risk to be managed.

ORION DDoS Threat Protection

ORION DDoS Threat Protection monitors ORION network traffic, detecting and mitigating DDoS threats, providing alerts and reporting when an attack happens. Provided to all ORION constituents as part of our enhanced network services, ORION DDoS Threat Protection ensures the safety and security of your organization’s networks, servers and network-connected applications.

Video Conferencing Software

Kaltura and BlueJeans are two top-tier services designed to meet the unique needs of the education community, while providing security and safety to their connected users. With the increased demand for online teaching and learning, Canada’s NREN Partners have provided preferred pricing for tools to simplify the experience for educators and students and offer a robust, low-cost, video tool tailored to the unique requirements of education.  


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