What We Do

As Ontario’s backbone of innovation, ORION connects big ideas, big thinkers and big data through an ultra high-speed fibre optic network dedicated to enabling research, education and innovation (RE&I) in Ontario.

ORION provides high-speed connectivity to its connected institutions, linking them to each other and to a global grid of research, education and innovation networks, which enables ongoing learning and collaboration.

Be Boundless

Never be limited by your network. Research and education institutions in Ontario need networks that can keep pace with their vision of the future. ORION is the only high-speed dedicated fibre optic network committed specifically to supporting innovation in Ontario. 

Everywhere in Ontario: We have 6,000 kms of fibre connecting all of Ontario from Thunder Bay to Timmins, Ottawa and across to Windsor.

Highly reliable: Redundant infrastructure means our uptime is 99.95% across Ontario, rivalling world-class telecom networks.

Ridiculously fast: Our network is 1000 times faster than publicly available Internet networks, allowing you to transmit huge amounts of data without bottlenecks.

Data-centric: Deeply embedded in the high performance computing community, we support huge data projects that ISPs cannot. Learn more about our Advanced Computing Transforming Innovation in Ontario (ACTION) initiative.

Be Connected

Build on the strength of community. Research and education are highly cooperative and collaborative activities. Innovation ecosystems thrive and grow, driving results that simply cannot be achieved in isolation.

Collaborate with peers around the world. Link to other provinces and private RE&I networks around the world through our connection to Canada’s National R&E Network.

Advance partnerships. Connect to advanced computing centres across Ontario to support large-scale research projects.

Connect to Ontario’s innovation community. We link more than 100 universities, colleges, hospitals, research institutions and school boards, representing two million users.

Be part of a larger conversation. ORION’s events, such as the annual THINK Conference, webinars, working groups and online communities, provide a common ground for engagement and dialogue.

Be Cost-Effective

Save administration and infrastructure dollars. ORION is a not-for-profit provincial network that is committed to maximizing service without risk. We’re committed to innovation — not profits — and that saves you money.

Predict costs. Single annual “all-you-can-eat” pricing and low annual fee means no surprises as data traffic grows.

Save money with shared services. Get the benefit of shared resources and services across the ORION network to gain savings and improve operations.

Manage traffic and data consumption. ORION’s monitoring tools help you keep data costs under control.

Reduce operational costs. Capitalize on ORION’s peering agreements and cut ISP traffic costs by up to 50 per cent.

Learn more about ORION’s Internet service offering.

Enable Digital Learning in the 21st Century

Support a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) strategy with the bandwidth and connectivity needed for tens of thousands of devices.

Enhance learning with digital content from some of the world’s leading providers.

Take distance learning to new levels with rich video conferencing solutions and live-streaming.

Provide exciting experiential learning through models, simulations and other techniques.

Support tens of thousands of courses through massive online learning initiatives (MOOCs).

Take Innovation to the Cloud

Leverage more than 50 of our cloud partners by customizing your technology solution from curated service providers, which all meet a rigorous selection standard.

Access a range of services, including storage, co-location, video conferencing, last-mile and educational content, and more.

Reduce ISP traffic costs by accessing Nebula cloud services over ORION’s network.

Simplify operations by relying on network-based services run on ORION, eliminating the need for additional connectivity, WAN services or transport.

Include a need to connect to ORION in your RFP for technology services to ensure that your service is available reliably and with the highest quality for your sensitive users.

Connect to Ontario’s Digital Innovation Community

If you’d like to connect, talk to one of our account representatives to customize a solution for you at 416.507.9860 or bizdev@orion.on.ca.