Supra ITS is a full-service technology partner, providing customers across a variety of industries with seamless, extensive infrastructure and managed IT services that deliver value, business efficiency and boost performance.

From hardware, software and cloud infrastructure to strategic consulting and a complete suite of managed IT services, Supra ITS offers clients the full-service package, and has been Canadian owned and operated since opening its doors in 1999.

Supra ITS is one of many service partners part of the ORION Nebula, a value-added network of cloud and software services for Ontario’s research, education and innovation communities. Discover the benefits of the ORION Nebula:


All ORION Nebula services are delivered over the ORION network, so there is no need for additional connectivity, WAN services or transport. Access services through your existing ORION connection.

Service Level Agreements (SLA)

Each ORION Nebula partner provides an SLA to cover all aspects of the service, including performance measurement, problem management, customer duties, warranties, disaster recovery, and termination of agreement.

Made in Canada

All ORION Nebula services are hosted in Canada and delivered from within Canada. No data is stored in the USA or traverses the US border.

ORION can guarantee service delivery over the ORION Network, which is dedicated and private, meaning that customer traffic does not cross the Internet. ORION’s high performance network serves as the backbone over which ORION Nebula services travel, which easily scales to speeds up to 100Gbps.

Easy to Use

Each Nebula service offering is easy to understand, purchase and implement.

Competitive Pricing

ORION’s commitment with its partners is to deliver cost-effective services, so customers can enjoy a competitive rate.

Best of Breed

ORION’s rigorous partner selection process ensures that each service provider is vetted from a technical, financial and business perspective so that ORION can deliver the best customer experience. Each service provider must have a proven track record and demonstrate successful implementations of the size, scope and quality that ORION customers require.

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Services offered:

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Supra ITS has cutting-edge expertise to manage and maintain mission-critical IT infrastructure, service desk support and delivers upon the best managed IT service standards. These services provide flexibility, allowing customers the choice of options that provide the best value for critical technology management services. Their team takes charge of activities, including proactive monitoring, systems administration, ongoing patching and server/application log administration, and other services.

Managed Service Desk 

In addition, customers can choose among three levels of Supra ITS’ managed service desk support. This ranges from basic, over-the-phone end user support for hardware and applications, to advanced operating and networking services that require highly skilled and certified engineering systems professionals. Supra ITS’ SLAs are tailored to help exceed business needs and service expectations. 

Key features of the Managed Service Desk include:

  • Service packages tailored for public and education sector
  • Around-the-clock IT helpdesk
  • Dedicated dialing and online status updates
  • Compliance with in-house and third-party service providers
  • Managed remote control assistance

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Supra ITS’ backup, disaster recovery and business continuity planning removes the effort and anxiety from a complex but essential business requirement. Their expertise eliminates business risk with a streamlined process and strategy that reduces technology costs, helping to ensure that business operations will never be interrupted. Service offerings span all major industry sectors, from online cloud backup, recovery and electronic archiving, to eDiscovery and storage encryption. 

Whether an onsite or cloud solution, the data will always be safe and available, backed by Supra ITS’ Tier 3 data centres in the GTA, with accessible reports and audit logs via centralized administrative control. 

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Supra ITS’ managed cloud services encompass compute, storage, networking and operating systems at both the infrastructure and application layers. Their expertise enables customers the choice between in-house or managed IT functions.

Backed by Supra ITS’ world-class Tier 3 class data centers in the GTA at Q9 Networks, managed cloud services are based on the HP Enterprise Helion Cloud System. The dedicated, private cloud model is designed to reduce costs, administration and maintenance for customers, which include the option to scale public cloud services, such AWS and Microsoft Azure.

Customers also have the flexibility to maintain control over the entire hybrid environment with unparalleled visibility into infrastructure and applications. All services are delivered with redundancy, security and compliance that meet the standards of highly regulated industries.