In this two-day interactive online workshop, you will build your skills and knowledge to lead and manage all critical functions of incident command, incident communications and technology problem-solving during IT incidents. 

Registration includes full access to the ORION THINK Conference. 

Course Overview 

Conducted by Blackrock3, Incident Commander training provides hands-on experience to prepare you to successfully lead, support and communicate effectively during a critical incident. 

Blackrock3 are seasoned experts with global experience in Incident Management and Critical Infrastructure, honed through years of experience leading fire departments, emergency medical services, fibre networks and data centres.  

Who should attend? 

  • IT administrators, managers and executives 
  • Information security administrators, managers and executives 
  • Information systems administrators, managers and executives 
  • Cybersecurity administrators, managers and executives 
  • Anyone in your organization who will be involved in responding to or supporting critical incidents 

Course Content 

  • History of the Incident Management System (IMS) 
  • Adaptation of IMS best practices from public safety into IT 
  • Roles and responsibilities of the Incident Commander, Liaison Officer and Scribe  
  • Communications briefings using the Conditions, Actions and Needs (CAN) report 
  • Human behaviours and situations commonly encountered during incidents 
  • The incident lifecycle template and After-Action Reviews (AARs) 


This will be a two-day interactive workshop. All activity materials, supporting documentation, and a completion certificate are included.  


There are no prerequisites for the workshop. Participants should come with a strong desire to learn and participate in the workshop activities.   

ORION Community Training offers a unique community learning experience where you can collaborate to solve shared challenges with your peers. 

Date: October 1718, 2022  

Time: 9:00 am3:00 pm EDT  

Location: Online  

Price: $1749.00 + HST  

Registration includes full access to ORION THINK Conference. 

ORION Community Training courses are exclusively for ORION constituents. Organizers have the right to restrict access to online resources accordingly. 

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