diTHINK Conference

May 26, 2016

Thanks to all who made diTHINK a meaningful success! Meet the winners of the 2016 Leadership Awards and hear their stories.

Theme: digital infrastructure. digital independence. democratized innovation.

This year, we ask you to think about how the technology-enabled citizen is already impacting your institutions today and the possibilities that this ever-growing wave of innovation could have on the way we learn, work and play. Speaker presentations will inspire us around the possibilities, as well as explore the fundamental challenges, while breakout sessions will allow you to shape the way we meet these challenges within particular sectors.

Compute Ontario PARTNERSHIP

Compute Ontario and ORION partner to bring you a joint conference, which combines Compute Ontario Research Day 2016 (CORD2016) and the ORION THINK Conference, into one day at diTHINK.


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To sponsor the conference, please contact Cathy Bogaart at cathy.bogaart@orion.on.ca


Regular and group rates available!