THINK Conference 2018

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May 2, 2018

THINK: Innovation Economy Recent reports indicate that Ontario’s innovation economy is headed in right direction.

An innovation economy brings sustainable jobs, economic well-being and, we hope, a brighter future. Such an economy is made up of a complex web of infrastructure, people, and investment. None of us can make it happen alone and it’s our diversity that is our strength.

How do we bring this diversity together? Like oxygen, advanced digital infrastructure invisibly empowers Ontario’s innovation ecosystem. It’s the lifeblood that connects the intricate network to the global grid of like-minded expertise and essential data. Find out how scientists, educators, students, clinicians, politicians, funders, entrepreneurs and citizens are collaborating to solve society’s biggest problems. And why you can’t afford to not be part of the living innovation ecosystem.


Who should attend: Technology leaders from healthcare, research and education institutions Technology champions including researchers, students, educators, librarians, policy makers, and innovation community leaders


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