Enhance your training with CodeRed Premium, a cost-effective subscription-based learning platform with premium online content vetted by cybersecurity experts.

CodeRed Premium gives you access to 4000+ high-impact, low-cost technical training and certification preparation videos to build skills in cloud administration and security, VPN, managing infrastructure, and fill ongoing cybersecurity skills gaps.

Code Red Premium has been especially useful this year for our team. Frequently we find ourselves needing to offer our staff the ability to update skills outside of a longer, more formal classroom setting. While other services have great content, CodeRed is aimed at technical people and the content topics reflect that need in the industry to update skills on a frequent basis. Our security team and system admin has very much enjoyed using the videos to contribute to ongoing skill development.

— Ian Thomson, Manager, Cybersecurity and Client Outreach, Trent University

CodeRed Premium: An all-access pass to continuous online skills development

World-Class Library

Comprehensive content created and curated by industry experts in five vital cybersecurity areas. Find courses and certifications in CISM, CCSP, Azure, AWS, VPN, administration of infrastructure, and more.

Fully Accessible

You and your staff will learn from industry experts at your own pace — anywhere, anytime.

Up-to-Date and Practical

The course library is regularly updated with the latest cybersecurity skills, technologies and industry standards for all-important cybersecurity job roles within your organization.

Cost Effective

ORION constituents can subscribe to CodeRed Premium for a full year for $229.00.


ORION CodeRed Premium Learning Platform is exclusively for ORION constituents. Organizers have the right to restrict access to online resources accordingly.

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