As the only high-speed dedicated fibre optic network committed specifically to supporting research, education, and innovation in Ontario, ORION equips users with digital tools and access to a range of end-to-end services. Explore the solutions.


ORION’s network provides connectivity to its community institutions, linking them to each other and to a global grid of research, education, and innovation networks.

Internet Services

The convenience of a single source for all connectivity needs: ORION offers Internet service to its connected institutions across the province.

ORION Cybersecurity Products and Services. 

Keeping our digital community safe with cybersecurity products and services is vital to supporting Ontario’s research and education community.

ORION Community Training

Connect to cost-effective certification courses and professional development in cybersecurity, IT, and business skills.

Applications, Programs & Software

ORION provides applications, programs and software to meet the needs of our constituents.

Contact Us

Contact our account representatives to customize a solution at a preferred rate 416.507.9860 or