ORION's Belt

ORION’s Belt: Issue 3

Your guide star to innovationUniversity of Alberta physicists create a quantum 'hard drive for light'Physicists at the University of Alberta have developed a new method for storing quantum information encoded into pulses of light: a quantum memory. The memory works ... Continue Reading
Artemis project patient

Faces of Innovation: Improving patient outcomes with data

Southlake Regional Health Centre in Newmarket, ON, partners with ORION to bring high speed digital infrastructure to improve healthcare and health research. This initiative enables projects like Artemis, a health informatics platform headed up by Dr. Carolyn McGregor, lead of ... Continue Reading
Winning Innovations Emerge from Health Hackers

Winning Innovations Emerge from Health Hackers

The Hacking Health Design Challenge, a multi-city competition, with a stop in Toronto (including MaRS, University Health Network and Centre for Social Innovation), sponsored by ORION, sounds as disruptive as it suggests. Hacking. Isn’t that an indicative of an upheaval? ... Continue Reading