Bianca Wylie at Smart City Data Governance Lab

Lessons from the lab: Smart cities governance

As the internet of things grows in the modern world, we find that our lives are more connected than ever and with these growing connections the idea of a smart city is becoming increasingly real. In fact, the Ontario government’s ... Continue Reading
Intelligent communities, IoT

Creating tomorrow’s intelligent communities

In the Internet of Things (IoT), devices need connectivity to send data they collect to repositories for analysis and then to institutions where people can make data-powered decisions. With connectivity like ORION, the gateway to discovery is opened, enabling data ... Continue Reading
diEconomy, diTHINK, Compute Ontario, big data, municipalities, intelligent communities

Part 3 diEconomy at diTHINK: Connected Communities

During diTHINK, nearly 200 attendees representing Ontario’s research, education and innovation industry gathered to engage in the kind of conversations that can help move Ontario’s innovation economy forward. From customized learning to connected communities to advanced computing, here’s what we ... Continue Reading
The intelligent way to think about the role of CIOs in smart cities

The intelligent way to think about the role of CIOs in smart cities

Earlier this week I hosted a roundtable discussion at the Intelligent Community Forum with CIOs to discuss the evolution of smart cities, which was a great opportunity to connect with some really amazing people. As I prepared my opening remarks, ... Continue Reading