Woman wearing Virtual Reality goggles

The educational potential of virtual reality

When it comes to the future of education, virtual reality is emerging as a game-changer. This innovative digital technology helps educators bring learning to life through computer-generated simulations. With VR headsets, students can interact with simulated three-dimensional environments in ways ... Continue Reading

5 Back to School Stats – Education in Canada

As Ontario’s students and educators are steadily back to school, thousands across the country are also engaged in learning. How does your story reflect against the big picture of Canada’s education and learning industry? We sought out data from Statistics ... Continue Reading
Bridging the Digital Divide in Schools

Bridging the Digital Divide in Schools

How do we bridge the digital divide, support the education of the next generation and help shape the innovators of tomorrow? By making sure that every student in Ontario has equal access to technology and connectivity. ORION’s Nexus K-12 Teacher ... Continue Reading