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ORION Cybersecurity products and services

ORION's cybersecurity commitment Our long history of providing advanced network solutions has given us the expertise we need to fulfill the digital requirements of Ontario’s innovation community. That commitment extends to ORION’s work in cybersecurity. Keeping our digital community safe ... Continue Reading

ORION Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Empowered users are your greatest defence against cyber risk ORION Cybersecurity Awareness Training empowers users to be an essential part of your defence against social engineering, instead of a risk to be managed. 600% increase in phishing attacks since the ... Continue Reading
ORION DDoS Threat Protection banner

ORION DDoS Threat Protection

ORION DDoS Threat Protection adds a critical layer of security to protect Ontario’s research, education, and innovation ecosystem As distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks continue to rise, the risk to your operations, reputation, and even bottom line also increase. ... Continue Reading