digital library archives, McMaster University

Preserving History with Digital Library Cloud Technology

Ontario’s university students, faculty and researchers have access to hundreds of terabytes of research data, e-journals, e-books, statistics and geospatial data through the online Scholars Portal service, which ensures that these rich resources will be preserved and accessible – and ... Continue Reading
Leadership Award Winners 2015

2015 ORION Leadership Award Winners

Each year, ORION recognizes the best and brilliant movers and shakers with the ORION Leadership Awards in three categories: Kindergarten to Grade 12, Higher Education, and Innovation. This year, we received several illustrious candidates across the research, education and innovation ... Continue Reading
Carleton University's Eddie Vallarta

The Power of Ten

Carleton University increases its ORION connectionDemand for bandwidth among educational and research institutions is always increasing—in fact, use of ORION’s network has grown by more than 50% annually over the past three years. As the amount of data that researchers ... Continue Reading