Alla Reznik's lab

The battle against breast cancer

Lakehead University is one of the most remote universities in Ontario, but even here in Thunder Bay, on the rugged northern shores of Lake Superior, ORION is helping to empower innovation. Dr. Alla Reznik is an associate professor of physics at ... Continue Reading
3D map universe

The 3D Map of the Universe

Research and education institutions in Ontario need networks that can keep pace with their vision of the future. ORION connects these researchers to the advanced computing resources that are essential to their work.Colours of the UniverseAt first glance, the picture ... Continue Reading
From Farm to Fork

From Farm to Fork

At the University of Guelph, Professor Deborah Stacey is helping to develop the statistical modelling software that keeps Ontario’s food safe from contamination. The analysis of the huge amounts of data produced by her research happens thanks to a high-performance ... Continue Reading