Researchers, educators and innovators are at the heart of everything we do at ORION, and our advisory groups play an important role in that. They represent Ontario’s diverse innovation community: those who are hard at work in institutions and regions across the province every day, helping to make the world a better place.

We meet with our advisory groups on a regular basis to get their perspective on the issues affecting them, asking them to share their insights, concerns and new ideas. By listening to them, we’re able to ensure that their desires are the driving force behind our work, allowing us to effectively advocate on their behalf and tailor our services to their needs.

Gayleen Gray

Assistant Vice-President and Chief Technology Officer

McMaster University


“McMaster is Canada’s most research-intensive university, where many of the world’s leading researchers make the groundbreaking discoveries and advances that drive Ontario forward while contributing to a brighter world. In order to help support these discoveries and the researchers that make them, it’s incredibly important that universities have access to advanced research computing. Today, security of the system is as important as access. And we know ORION places a high priority on information privacy and cyber security, and is working with our community to address these issues.

“This makes ORION an exceptionally valuable resource for McMaster’s researchers. As our needs continue to evolve, ORION is there to listen and respond.”

Paul Inkila

Senior Director, Infrastructure Services

Confederation College


“The innovation community in Thunder Bay — and across Northern Ontario — works by necessity to provide the best possible student experience within our financial constraints. We’re always looking for ways to bring organizations together to collaborate and find efficiencies. Confederation College is proud to be a driver for the Northern Colleges Collaboration Program (NCCP): an agreement amongst the six Northern Ontario Colleges who use the ORION network to share academic programming.

“This long-term strategy for sustainability allows us to provide innovative programming and increase access for students in the North, including many Indigenous learners. ORION understands how important that connection is, and we’re pleased to be working closely with them to ensure that students in Northern Ontario are included in the 21st-century innovation economy.”

Peter Singh

Executive Officer – IT Services / Chief Technology Officer

Toronto District School Board


“The Toronto District School Board is one of Canada’s largest and most diverse school boards. We serve approximately 246,000 students — who, along with their families, speak more than 120 languages — in nearly 600 schools, and we employ nearly 38,000 people. So it’s incredibly important to us that the technology we use is able to serve them all.

“We’re proud to have a partner in ORION who takes diversity seriously and who is committed to listening to our needs and ensuring that no matter where the school is or who the students are they have a voice in the advisory group.”

Leanne Clendening

Chief Executive Officer

Ontario Library Service – North


“Ontario’s public libraries play a vital role in the province as community hubs providing access to a wide variety of services. And that’s especially true in the North. Through their local libraries, people in remote and rural communities could gain equitable and inclusive access to the innovation ecosystem. ORION understands just how important that access is, and is working with us to implement that vision: aiming to bring a fast and reliable connection to communities that might not otherwise be able to provide their residents with the cutting-edge services available in the rest of the province.”