Mission & Strategy

ORION is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to empowering Ontario researchers, educators and innovators. We facilitate ground-breaking discoveries and cutting-edge education by connecting institutions and regions across the province, providing them with the digital tools and expertise they need, and advocating on their behalf.


Corporate Vision Statement

ORION seeks to enable and support Ontario innovators in their efforts to make the world a better place.

Acting as a champion for the innovation community, ORION offers the critical infrastructure necessary for collaboration, providing researchers, educators and innovators with the tools and connections they need in order to make pioneering discoveries and provide cutting-edge education.

As a not-for-profit organization, our primary focus is the ground-breaking work of our community — and how we can help make it happen.  



The ORION Nexus Project: What’s next for ORION?

By working closely with our community, ORION is committed to helping our users transform themselves and create a better future for Ontario. The number of users on the network is steadily increasing and network utilization is growing at a rate of about 50% per year. Importantly, with the growth of online learning and cloud-based services, our importance to the research, education and innovation (RE&I) communities in Ontario has never been more vital.

The time is right to develop a strategy for the next 10 years, so that ORION is well positioned to continue to best support innovation as Ontario’s backbone of research and education.

A framework for this path of discovery, development and implementation has been created to guide our way forward. This year-long strategy planning process is called the ORION Nexus Project.

“Nexus” is a very fitting term for our future strategy and it refers to a series of connections linking people and ideas – and ORION is a network connector and a facilitator which brings together people and ideas.

Through the Nexus Project, ORION is conducting in-depth stakeholder and economic analyses through the following projects:

These projects reflect ORION’s core distinguishing values—what ORION believes are instrumental to our future:

  • Providing leadership
  • Being collaborative
  • Using our network as the focal point of Ontario’s digital infrastructure
  • Supporting RE&I users by adding value
  • Enabling transformation