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ORION is committed to empowering our community of researchers, educators, and innovators to succeed in creating impact.

We connect big ideas, big thinkers and big data through an ultra high-speed fibre optic network dedicated to enabling research, education and innovation (RE&I) in Ontario.

Explore stories and reports from some of the 1.7 million Ontarians who rely on ORION to help them change the world.


ORION plays a key role in our work. We need a connection that can guarantee the delivery of the data because we’re looking at the patient’s health state in real time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We can’t be competing with public Internet traffic and we have to be sure that personal health data remains private. ORION provides the dedicated service we need.

— Dr. Carolyn McGregor, UOIT

The library is a hub for creative engagement, and we use the ORION network as our backbone. Having access to fast, reliable broadband enables the creativity.

— Sherry Fahim, Hamilton Public Library

The tremendous amount of data gathered by our detectors underground at SNOLAB needs to be analyzed using very substantial computational power. The ORION connection between SNOLAB and HPCVL is absolutely essential to the work we do.


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