What does ORION do for Ontario?

ORION provides the infrastructure and digital tools critical for​:

  • Creating jobs and commercializing new discoveries and technology​
  • Collaborating in real-time to make impactful discoveries ​
  • Linking rural and remote communities​
  • Improving access to education and educational tools

We can open doors that you never even knew existed.

When you join ORION, you become part of an elite group of researchers, educators, students, and innovators with access to resources that can be difficult or impossible to access any other way.

Suddenly, it’s easy to find the data and tools you need, as well as people who can help solve problems, collaborate on research, and form partnerships to help bring ideas to fruition faster.

With ORION’s dedicated network, all your communications, applications, and critical data are more secure than on an open network.

public health scientist, holding up a glass slide used for a run on a sequencing machine

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