ORION's Belt

ORION’s Belt: Issue 1

ORION’s Belt is our blog series highlighting a month of digital infrastructure’s latest shining stars. Each month, we’ll pick out some of the interesting stories we’ve been reading about. Have an idea you’d like to share? Shoot us a message. Researchers ... Continue Reading
fibre optic cable

Next-generation network to bolster Ontario’s innovation economy

When it comes to advancing innovation, continuous investment by government in improving digital infrastructure is key. As indicated in the World Economic Forum’s comprehensive 2014 report, Delivering Digital Infrastructure: Advancing the Internet Economy, digital economies are growing at an average rate ... Continue Reading
10 Tips for Educating the YouTube Generation

10 Tips for Educating the YouTube Generation

Walt Disney was on the mark when he foretold that someday all education would be delivered by television. Today, video technologies have eclipsed even Mr. Disney’s imagination, and are at the heart of the latest trends in education: Online and ... Continue Reading