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ORION Empowers Innovation

ORION directly supports education, innovation, research and health care across Ontario with reliable digital infrastructure, digital tools and expertise

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ORION is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to empowering Ontario researchers, educators and innovators.

How we serve ORION’s Community

  • Cultivating purpose and engagement within the industry

    Our commitment to transparency, equity and engagement enables an intentional balance between collaboration, inclusivity, operational excellence and focus. 

  • Supporting world class research, education and innovation platform

    ORION sustains and constantly advances the province’s shared essential research, education and innovation platform. We protect its value and performance, driven by world-class standards and an ambition for equitable access. 

  • Building trusted community partnerships

    ORION connects Ontario’s research, education and innovation ecosystem through trusted, relevant community partnerships. We lead transparent, focused conversations to unify our voices for shared digital infrastructure. 

Our network can open doors that you never even knew existed. When you join ORION, you become part of an elite group of researchers, educators, students and innovators with access to resources that can be difficult or impossible to access any other way. 

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News & Resources

ORION upgrades network to better support our community

ORION recently partnered with CANARIE to invest in upgrades to our network for greater reliability, increased capacity and better security. These upgrades help support the evolving needs of researchers, educators and innovators in Ontario. 

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Training & Events

Cyber Security Risk Management Seminar for Higher Education Executives and Board Members


The Cyber Security Centre of Excellence is helping to address the cyber security challenges faced by the broader public sector with a seminar on cyber risk management in the higher education sector. The seminar is hosted by the Cyber Security Centre of Excellence at the Ontario government in partnership with ORION and Toronto Metropolitan University’s Rogers Cybersecure Catalyst.

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With ORION’s network you get access to

  • Connectivity

    The convenience of a single source for all connectivity needs. In addition to the research and education network, ORION offers last mile, cloud, and resilient Internet services.

  • Cybersecurity Products and Services

    Keeping our digital community safe with cybersecurity products and services is vital to supporting Ontario’s research and education community.

  • ORION Community Training

    Connect to cost-effective certification courses and professional development in cybersecurity, IT, and business skills.

  • Applications & Software

    ORION provides applications and software to meet the needs of our constituents.

What our network is saying

Ontario public libraries connect their communities to e-resources, multi-media programs, and digital content creation. It is crucial for libraries to have a robust digital infastructure. ORION can help libraries meet these goals. The Ontario Library Association is working with ORION to facilitate digital discovery in communities across Ontario

— Shelagh Patterson, Executive Director, Ontario Library Association

As CIO of Laurentian, I know firsthand the rich opportunities a small university has to offer, such as diversity in research and flexibility in customizing undergraduate and graduate degrees, all while enjoying state-of-the-art facilities and technology. ORION understands that the needs of bigger, urban universities are inherently different from the needs of smaller, rural universities like Laurentian. ORION is attentive to the concerns and interests of university educations and students – no matter how remote the school might be.

— Luc Roy (Chief Information Officer Laurentian University)

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