General Inquiries & Staff Directory

Whether you’re looking to be an ORION partner, need to contact our support team, or simply want to get in touch we’re always happy to hear from you! To ensure you’re directed to the appropriate department choose from one of the below options, or for general inquiries simply email us at info [at]

Phone: 416.507.9860
Fax: 416.507.9862
Email: info [at]

Mailing Address:
211 Yonge Street, Suite 200
Toronto, ON
M5B 1M4

Staff Directory


President’s Office

Alfonso Licata
President and CEO
O: 416.507.9860 ext 222

Tracy Machado
Executive Assistant 
O: 416.507.9860 ext 247
M: 416.453.1633

Business Development &

Delilah Moysich

VP Business Planning and Partnerships
O: 416.507.9860 ext 227
M: 647.638.7425

Cathy Bogaart
Director, Marketing and Communications
O: 416.507.9860 ext 250
M: 416.999.2153

Mark Grant
Director, Community Development 
O: 416.507.9860 ext 235
M: 416.420.4592

Kashif Salam
Director of Products and Business Solutions
O: 416.507.9860 ext 231
M: 416.303.7985

Finance and Operations

Gabrijela Jevtic
Director of Finance
O: 416.507.9860 ext 236
M: 416.565.4365

Lili Tucker
Finance and Operations Administrator
O: 416.507.9860 ext 221
M: 647.278.6525


David Smith
Chief Technology Officer
O: 416.507.9860 ext 229
M: 416.566.9884

Brad Gray
Director, Technology Innovation
O: 416.507.9860 ext 228
M: 647.408.6921

Farooq Naiyer
Chief Information Security Officer
O: 416.507.9860 x240