Why you should register for CCISO training with ORION

Information technology and security teams face challenges daily. They work to protect their organizations from cybersecurity threats while developing and maintaining their own internal systems. They look to their leaders for guidance and for support in their efforts to ensure their systems run smoothly and efficiently. That’s why having a Certified Chief Information Officer (CCISO) with the skills learned during ORION Community Training’s CCISO workshop is one of the best assets an IT team can have.

We see three main security challenges facing the digital sector – and a CCISO can help overcome them.

Challenge #1: Insufficient technology risk management strategies

Information security teams need to track, manage, and assess risks easily. Without a strategy in place to do so, mistakes are bound to happen. It will be tough for teams to learn from the past and to develop procedures to best deal with issues as they arise.

CCISOs know how to implement best practices and proper tracking to make information security teams the most effective.

Challenge #2: Ineffective security program management

It is difficult for IT and information security teams to change and improve their systems without support from stakeholders and organizational decision-makers. Often, there is a divide between senior executives and information security teams. As a result, stakeholders may not fully grasp the importance of digital security issues and the risks of not addressing them.

CCISOs bridge the gap between stakeholders and information security teams. They ensure that both sides are aware of the risks and create more effective and supportive relationships between the two.

Challenge #3: Restricted IT security governance

Those who don’t work in the digital sector are often not aware of or digitally literate regarding issues of cybersecurity. They may not fully understand the methods that threat actors use, the risks organizations face, and the internal processes required to mitigate external threats. Miscommunication between top decision-makers such as boards or senates and the information security team is bound to happen.

A CCISO can bridge the communication gap between the two parties by breaking down technical issues and ensuring decision-makers get the full picture. This ensures information security teams can get the support and resources they need.

Get the skills you need

There are many benefits to having a Certified Chief Information Security Officer. With the skills learned through ORION’s CCISO workshop, current staff can advance their technology leadership, becoming adept at navigating today’s difficult security landscape. They will be able to apply strategic thinking to lead and influence decision-making while providing solutions and support for IT and information security teams.

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