Collaborating to complete CISSP

We all know that cybersecurity is a team sport. And like any good sport, training and practice can help a team go further and faster together. We caught up with the Cybersecurity and Compliance team from Centennial College to find out more about their experience learning CISSP together.

Last year, Andy Yeung (Cybersecurity Analyst), Santosh Somasekhara (Acting Manager, Cybersecurity and Compliance) and Joshua Burstyn (Cybersecurity Architect) were given an opportunity to pursue professional training and unanimously agreed that CISSP was their top choice. They knew it was going to be a great deal of work but were confident that tackling it as a team would be a game changer. And they were right.

As Joshua explains, “there’s a lot of content coming at you, so it was nice to have colleagues to reach out to ask clarification questions.” Andy agreed, “taking the course together was more like a meeting with co-workers.” Collaborating and learning as a team helped them to stay motivated and focused throughout the course.

Having taken CISSP together as a team, they are now able to apply the CISSP domains to identify and manage risks at Centennial College. “Taking CISSP definitely helps me every day at work. There’s always something that I’ve been able to directly translate from CISSP,” says Santosh, “Everything started to click more.”

Overall, Joshua, Andy and Santosh enthusiastically agreed that they would recommend CISSP to their colleagues and anybody looking to advance their cybersecurity education. Santosh perfectly describes that the CISSP course “is an inch deep but a mile wide,” offering a rich insight into all areas of cybersecurity.


ORION Community Training offers a unique community learning experience, where you can solve shared cybersecurity challenges together with your peers.

  • Gain the skills and knowledge to master the eight CISSP domains.
  • Explore how to apply them to the unique challenges of the research, education and innovation community.
  • Learn and share knowledge with your peers from the ORION community.


Learn more about CISSP and if it’s the right choice for you and your team.

When: April 25-29, 2022
Time: 9:00am – 5:00pm EDT
Location: Online
Price: $2999.00 + HST
Includes official CISSP e-book.