Name our national computing systems!



Compute Canada has put out a call to name the four new national computing systems. This is our chance to put our stamp on those names, especially the two systems which will be hosted within Ontario — a large parallel system based out of the University of Toronto and a general purpose system at the University of Waterloo.

Submission Guidelines:

The names should be Canadian and work bilingually to reflect the national scope of these systems (you do not need to translate them). It’s an opportunity to promote and reflect some key Canadian attributes, such as our unique culture, landscape and geography, history and heritage as well as key scientific or research accomplishments. The name should also reflect strength, unbridled potential, discovery, new frontiers, power and exploration. Consider Aboriginal themes as well as female, scientific and Canadian accomplishments as we might be the first with a named prize or infrastructure installation celebrating these areas in research.

How to Submit: Email your suggestions to

Important Dates:
August 12 – Deadline for naming suggestions to Compute Ontario
August 15- Compute Ontario sends Ontario’s top three suggestions.
August-September 2016 – Compute Ontario participates in finalizing the short list of names with all of the national computing organizations.
October 2016 – The names will be announced at the University of Victoria.

The launch of these national systems should demonstrate the importance of advanced computing in Canadian research, so it’s important for Ontario to get involved. This is an exciting time as we begin the biggest transformation of our national platform in our history.

This post originally appears on Compute Ontario‘s website.