Connecting scientists to the leading edge: CBRAIN platform

ORION Network ‘critical infrastructure’ in enabling transmission of data

“We are transferring hundreds of gigabytes of information from Baycrest to McGill and outwards,” says Dr. Stephen Strother, senior scientist at Baycrest’s Rotman Research Institute and Principal Investigator with CBRAIN. “What we do would be very difficult without ORION.”

The CBRAIN project was created as an initiative to develop a pan-Canadian network of the five leading brain imaging research centres in Canada. The goal was to develop a Canada-wide platform for distributed processing, analysis, exchange and visualization of brain imaging data. All of which is made possible via the ORION Network with support from its CANARIE connections.

Leveraging the ORION Network, CBRAIN is also linking researchers to Compute Canada’s High Performance Computing Centres (HPC). As a result researchers are able to access availability at various HPC centres without having to register with each individual site. Through linking to the CBRAIN platform via the ORION Network, researchers are able use a highly efficient system of data transmission.

In conjunction with the CBRAIN platform, the ORION Network is enabling Dr. Strother and his collaborators to focus on advancing an understanding of brain functions. Remarking on the efficiency of available technology, Dr. Strother says: “Our team of researchers is able to focus on improving cognitive development of the aging population.”