Key Highlights from ON-CHEC Day 2023 

As we foster a future of collaboration and innovation, ORION hosted the fourth annual ON-CHEC Day on December 1, 2023. Comprised of 40 higher education institutions across Ontario and Nova Scotia, the Ontario Cybersecurity Higher Education Consortium (ON-CHEC) celebrated its fifth successful year, thanks to the support of our constituents. In the past year, ORION has hosted weekly touchpoint calls and monthly webinars for the ON-CHEC community. Our goal is to protect the higher education sector from ever-evolving threats and attacks. 

Nowadays, technology is advancing at an unprecedented pace, and we depend more and more on digital systems. However, this dependence exposes us to a constantly changing threat landscape. Cyber breaches have become an unfortunate reality for organizations of all sizes and sectors.  

We are at our strongest when we stand together. We draw upon the collective wisdom and expertise of our diverse constituents to address cybersecurity challenges. This community-driven approach is our strength, and together, we can empower innovation in research and education. 

ON-CHEC Day isn’t just an event; it’s an opportunity for higher education institutions to come together, share ideas, and become stronger as a unified force. Aligned with this year’s theme, “Securing the Future: Strategies and Ideas for Continued Cyber Resilience,” ON-CHEC Day 2023 was dedicated to enhancing the cybersecurity readiness of our community. Session topics included Women in Cybersecurity, Quantum Computing, and Artificial Intelligence, exploring a diverse range of sustainable strategies to strengthen our cyber resilience in today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Feature Discussions

Women in Cybersecurity Part 3

Women in Cybersecurity Pt 3 Panel at ON-CHEC Day 2023

The popular Women in Cybersecurity panel returned for its third consecutive year. Featuring Tracy Dallaire (McMaster University), Sue McGlashan (University of Toronto), Kalyani Khati (University of Toronto), and Janice Cordeiro (Cambrian College), this dynamic discussion showcased the impact and achievements of women in cybersecurity leadership and highlighted potential career paths for women in the field

National Cybersecurity Assessment (NCA) Results

In this session, Julie Menzies from CANARIE outlined how NCA’s comprehensive results can help organizations mitigate their risk of a security event and elevate their overall cybersecurity posture. 

Quantum Computing

Jonathan Hammell, Senior Technical Advisor for Cryptographic Security at the Canadian Centre for Cyber Security (CCCS), delved into the fascinating world of quantum computing and its impact on the future of cybersecurity.  

Director’s Roundtable Panel Discussion

The director’s roundtable, featuring Scott Elliott (Wilfred Laurier University), Anthony Fear (St. Mary’s College), Michelle Moore (Humber College), and Robert Eveleigh (ORION), gave our community the opportunity to hear from directors and how they navigate challenges in protecting their organizations and the higher education sector. 

AI, Machine Learning, and Your Cybersecurity 

Adam Frank hosted a lively exploration into AI and machine learning, sharing how AI can be used for cybersecurity protection at higher education institutions. 


ON-CHEC Day was more than just presentations and panels; it’s about the community coming together to collaborate and innovate. Cybersecurity is a journey, and together, we are better equipped to face the challenges that lie ahead.  

Thank you to everyone who collaborated and participated to make ON-CHEC Day an empowering experience. 

As we secure the future, let’s stay connected, share insights, and learn from each other. We look forward to continuing this journey with you.