O3 Collaboration Saves Dr. Anne MacLennan Time, Money and Hassle – Every Day

York University Professor Anne MacLennan is an early adopter of sorts. An assistant professor in Communication Studies, Professor MacLennan has been using computers in her classroom since 1986. She utilizes ORION’s O3 collaborative platform across four different sites to seamlessly support her research, her teaching and her students’ learning – without being confined to a lecture hall.

Of her four O3 sites, two are dedicated to her teaching, allowing students to collaborate while working off-campus. Professor MacLennan uses a third for ‘Remembering Radio,’ a research project funded by the Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC), while the fourth supports ‘Seeing, Selling, and Situating Radio 1922-1956,’ a collaborative research project with colleague Professor Michael Windover at Carleton University.

Professor MacLennan uses O3 on a daily basis. She chose this platform based on the level of personalized service it offered. Having experience with similar tools such as Moodle and WebCT, she says, “There is a distinct advantage to using O3.”

I use O3 for contacting all of our research assistants, for accessing all of the files we are using, for work scheduling, issuing important notices – everything, really. I rely on it completely for my work.

– Dr. Anne MacLennan

That advantage is found in O3’s personalized support, speedy response time, attention to detail and the simple fact that ORION – as an organization – is invested in her success.

O3 is an important part of ORION’s network toolbox. Developed to help facilitate and encourage collaboration amongst Ontario students, researchers and educators, it highlights one of ORION’s integral core values. Ali Hirji, ORION’s Community Development Manager, supports Professor MacLennan’s projects. He ensures that all of her projects are supported and her sites are well-equipped to serve her diverse research and teaching requirements.

Looking to the future, Professor MacLennan adds, “I hope that the relationship is ongoing – ORION’s O3 experience is excellent.” We hope so too, Professor!