We think you’ll love the new ORION

Alfonso Licata, CEO, ORIONLast night, we had a few of our close friends over to warm up our new home.

We were excited to welcome everyone over as it unveils not just our new address, but a new ORION.

You may have noticed over the past year that we’ve been consulting with our community about how we might best work together to bring about the future we want to see. A community of institutions and regions across the province connected through a fast, reliable network that facilitates collaboration and sharing. A community with the right digital tools and expert support they need to enable innovation and make the world a better place.

As we celebrated our 15th anniversary, we knew it was time for a change. Technology moves at the speed of innovation and so ORION is transforming.

And so, drawing on our strengths and with an eye to the next 15 years, we put a new face forward. It starts with a simplified, bolder ORION logo that demonstrates our intended growth that continues to strengthen Ontario. We reconsidered our purpose and now every day we’re brought back to our fundamental goal of “Empowering innovation.” We’re focusing on unifying our community, unlocking new opportunities that are critical to them, and better positioning Ontario for the future.

You’ll see this face, this purpose, this new ORION reflected in our Annual Snapshot, which, for the first time ever, we’ve produced in digital-only format, befitting our digital roots.

Snapshot Highlights

  • ORION’s refreshed brand that reflects a refreshed purpose
  • Our way forward and how we’ll work together with you to bring about that world we want to see
  • Milestones of ORION’s 15 years of innovation
  • An introduction to our new Advisory Groups
  • Three stories of impact from our community
    • Cancer research technology from a Canada Research Chair in Thunder Bay
    • Education opened up through collaboration between a Hamilton library and college
    • Cloud technology enabling students, teachers and parents in the Kawarthas


I invite you to meet us again for the first time.

We think you’ll love the new ORION.