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ORION launches Community Training to support Ontario’s research, education, and innovation sector

TORONTO, August 20, 2019 – ORION is proud to announce their newest shared service, ORION Community Training. This program will connect ORION’s constituents to cost-effective certification workshops that cover a variety of topics relevant to Ontario’s research and education IT community.

ORION will procure, manage, and deliver training and professional development in response to the needs and priorities of Ontario’s research, education, and innovation community. At the request of our constituents, this includes certified training in topics such as business skills, IT skills, and cybersecurity. Workshops will tackle specific skills or topics, offering specialized certifications.

The program begins in November with a Certified Ethical Hacker workshop and a communication for IT and information security professional workshop. Following this, the community will have access to a Certified Chief Information Security Officer workshop.

ORION Community Training will:

  • Fill cybersecurity skills gaps through certified cybersecurity training and cybersecurity awareness training
  • Increase organizational capacity through business and technical skills training for IT staff
  • Enhance sector capacity through collaboration, network building, and knowledge sharing

ORION believes in a collaborative approach to any issue. Together, with Ontario’s research, education and innovation community we can work together to navigate today’s complex technological landscape and by doing so enable continuous learning and professional development ensuring progress and innovation for Ontario for many years to come.

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Alfonso Licata, CEO and President, ORION: “ORION will enable continuous learning and professional development through this training program. Organizing training and learning opportunities that can be shared by our community allows Ontario’s research, education, and innovation community to do more for less.  It gives them access to the vital tools they need to build their expertise in the digital economy, helping drive economic growth in their communities across the province.”

Bo Wandschneider, Chief Information Officer, University of Toronto: “A foundational focus of the Information Technology Services (ITS) plan at the University of Toronto is our people. ORION’s Community Training program allows us to increase the collective knowledge of our team. We will lead change in our higher education community by creating a culture of continuous skill and professional development. ORION’s Community Training program will help us maintain our ability to be innovative and creative in our work.”

Lisa Grothier, Chief Information Officer, St. Lawrence College: “St. Lawrence College is committed to fostering the skills, knowledge, and passion of our team to deliver excellence in all that we do. ORION’s Community Training program equips our team with the knowledge and tools they need to succeed. ORION supports the learning needs of the higher education community through their diversity of service offerings and learning opportunities, which allows us to invest in the development of our staff and faculty.”

Quick Facts:

  • Our shared-service approach to community training allows ORION to negotiate competitive pricing that benefits Ontario’s research, education, and innovation sector with up to 40% in cost savings. Connected institutions value ORION for the security and speed of the network and the education, training and services it provides to drive innovation in the 21st century knowledge economy.
  • Covering 6,000 kilometres, ORION’s private network connects regions and over a hundred institutions all over the province, including universities, colleges, hospitals and research institutions, as well as many of Ontario’s school boards.
  • More than two million people in the research and education industry rely on ORION to share and communicate with each other and to connect to a global grid of similar networks across Canada and around the world.

About ORION: 

ORION is a not-for-profit organization supporting Ontario’s progress with essential digital infrastructure. Since 2001, we’ve facilitated new discoveries by connecting research and education institutions, regions, and people across the province, enabling collaboration, learning, forging partnerships, and providing our community with the digital tools and expertise they need to make the world a better place.

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For inquiries about community training, contact:

Nicole Hurtubise
Manager, Community Development Training
Mobile: 647.244.7240

For media inquiries, contact:

Cathy Bogaart   
Director, Marketing and Communications
Office: 416.507.9860 ext. 250