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ORION’s Point-of-Presence at Southlake Regional Health Centre in Newmarket Facilitates Health Research

(Newmarket) – The Ontario Research and Innovation Optical Network (ORION) has expanded its reach in York Region with the installation of a new Point-of-Presence (PoP) at Southlake Regional Health Centre.

“Today marks an incredible hallmark for York Region’s health research network, as we spearhead new possibilities. Through the new PoP at Southlake Regional Health Centre, ORION is immensely pleased to help connect institutions essential to the optical fibre network of this municipality and beyond, connecting more researchers to other world-class health research.” says Dr. Darin Graham, CEO and President, ORION. “Collaboration is the key to how we can innovate health research, and we hope that Southlake serves as a remarkable inspiration to hospitals in other regions of Ontario.”

Orion- September 2015 Launch

Honoured guest presenters. L-R: Dr. Carolyn McGregor, Gary Ryan, Darin Graham, Hon. Reza Moridi, Dr. Dave Williams, Tony Van Bynen, Wayne Emmerson. Download the hi-res image.

The new PoP at Southlake is connected via a 10 gigabit per second optical fibre link to another located at York University and is ORION’s first such PoP installation in a medical facility. This is a significant development and it will provide tremendous support to Southlake’s efforts to push the boundaries of medical science and health informatics.

“I commend the successful collaboration between ORION, Southlake Regional Health Centre, York University and The Regional Municipality of York on completing this important project,” says York Region Chairman and CEO Wayne Emmerson. “ORION’s Point of Presence is a key component of the broadband strategy outlined in our Economic Development Action Plan. It will significantly enhance research and collaboration capabilities, which in turn will foster innovation and economic development across York Region.”

The new connection will be a great asset for tenants of the recently opened CreateIT Now incubator. Startups will gain access to one of the fastest and most reliable research and education networks in the world, along with a range of cloud service partners through ORION’s Nebula, ensuring that they’ll never be limited by technology, thus expanding the potential impact of healthcare innovators.

“CreateIT Now at Southlake offers unparalleled access to a leading community hospital, its clinicians and researchers,” says Dr. Dave Williams, President and CEO, Southlake Regional Health Centre. “With ORION’s speed and bandwidth, our imagination is no longer limited by our connectivity.  ORION gives us the ability to exchange vast amounts of data in real time, potentially accelerating research and development, which ultimately improves the care we deliver to our patients.”

“Ontario’s capacity to compete in a highly competitive global economy depends on how well we harness our research, innovation and entrepreneurial strengths. We are pleased that the CreateIT Now Innovation Centre and the ORION Network are helping us do just that,” says Reza Moridi, Minister of Research and Innovation. “By forging a path together towards significant discoveries, this collaboration will help save lives, improve quality of life and make great contributions to the prosperity of our province.”

Access to the research and educational resources via ORION plays a key role in keeping Ontario on the leading edge of innovation – becoming a major enabler of economic prosperity and social well-being.

“This type of forward thinking initiative directly aligns with our Economic Development Strategy and is reflective of a connected and collaborative community that uses innovation to drive growth and prosperity”, says Newmarket Mayor Tony Van Bynen. “With the technological capabilities supported by ORION, there is no limit to what our libraries, our schools, our hospital, our community and our region can achieve.”

Orion- September 2015 Launch

Dr. Carolyn McGregor of the Artemis Project, and Gary Ryan, Southlake CIO, doing the type of health informatics research that relies on a robust digital infrastructure. Download the hi-res image.

As a provider of dedicated connectivity, ORION’s lightning-fast shared service network enables Ontario’s research, education and innovation institutions to do the work they uniquely need to do to support the innovation economy in the province.

The potential impact of the PoP is expected to extend well beyond the municipal boundaries of Newmarket. The social impact of this kind of innovation will allow for better health and progress for Ontarians, and ORION, as a non-profit enabling research, education and innovation, is dedicated to supporting such outcomes.

About ORION:

As Ontario’s backbone of innovation, the Ontario Research and Innovation Optical Network (ORION) is one of the largest Research, Education and Innovation (RE&I) networks in the world. We connect all of Ontario’s universities, most colleges, several teaching hospitals, public research facilities, and a growing number of Ontario’s school boards to one another and to a global network of RE&I connections. In addition to providing one of the world’s fastest broadband connections, we are a research and innovation partner for our members. Through our technology and support, ORION constantly strives to keep Ontario on the leading edge of innovation.

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