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Third-time honour: ORION ranked in Branham300 Top 250 List

(Toronto) – For three consecutive years, the Ontario Research and Innovation Optical Network (ORION) has been awarded as one of Canada’s 250 top information and communication technology (ICT) companies on the Branham300 list. ORION has been steadily rising in its ranking since appearing on the list in 2014 — the 2016 position is up by a total of 25 spots, currently at 214.

“We are all very pleased with Branham300’s recognition of ORION,” says Ted Longley, director of engineering and network operations. “We continually receive feedback from our community, highlighting the strength of ORION’s digital infrastructure. This really drives us to continue engaging our research, education, and innovation community in the shaping of the technology solutions that we offer.  Ultimately, our motivation lies in strengthening Ontario’s innovation economy and recognition in the Branham300 suggests we’re on the right track.”

The Branham300, the most widely referenced listing of Canada’s top public and private ICT companies, evaluates Canadian industry growth and contribution, including multinational ICT companies operating in Canada and emerging ICT companies, celebrating innovation and long-term promise. “The Branham300 is designed to promote Canada’s Information and Communication Technology industry and the people who build technology businesses in Canada. This year, we were thrilled to see Canada’s Top 250 companies set another revenue record. It is a testament to the strength of our ICT sector,” says Wayne Gudbranson, CEO, Branham Group.

About ORION:

As Ontario’s backbone of innovation, the Ontario Research and Innovation Optical Network (ORION) is one of the largest Research, Education and Innovation (RE&I) networks in the world. We connect all of Ontario’s universities, most colleges, several teaching hospitals, public research facilities, and a growing number of Ontario’s school boards to one another and to a global network of RE&I connections. In addition to providing one of the world’s fastest broadband connections, we are a research and innovation partner for our members. Through our technology and support, ORION constantly strives to keep Ontario on the leading edge of innovation.

For further information:

Cathy Bogaart
Director, Marketing and Communications
Ontario Research and Innovation Optical Network (ORION)
Office: 416.507.9860 ext. 250