“Does ORION have the right properties for the future needs of the region? Our response is yes— continuously upgrading and expanding services, strengthening partnerships and alliances, sharing services and seeking new resources are the keys to ORION’s future.”

—Maxim Jean-Louis, President and Chief Executive Officer, Contact North

“The government should look at consolidating its broadband funding efforts to a single entity, ORION in my opinion. There are numerous instances in Northern Ontario of specific funding for vertical functions which could be more efficiently used under a single network management entity.”

—Paul Inkila, Senior Director, Infrastructure Services, Confederation College

“High-speed connectivity and advanced digital services are critical to the effective functioning and success of higher education institutions. ORION’s fast and reliable network and digital expertise ensure our research, teaching and learning activities at Wilfrid Laurier University are supported by optimal campus IT systems and infrastructure.”

—Deborah MacLatchy , President and Vice-Chancellor, Wilfrid Laurier University and member, ORION’s 2018-19 Board of Directors

“Post-secondary schools today depend heavily on having modern and secure digital infrastructure that allows them to operate seamlessly, engage in collaborative and often data-intensive research and learning, and stay resistant to cyberattacks. ORION provides the foundation that allows us to further explore and expand the use of digital technology in our operations.”

— John Levay, Chief Technology Officer, Niagara College