A gender-balanced world at ORION

A gender-balanced world at ORION

International Women's Day 2019 ORION seeks to enable and support Ontario innovators in their efforts to make the world a better place. The future at ORION is an exciting one and we all have a part to play in building ... Continue Reading
Our True North, Strong and Connected

Our True North, Strong and Connected

I read a stat the other day that says that people in the North have a higher incidence of mental illness including depression. I recalled one of ORION's Leadership Award winners, Dr. Allison Crawford, from the Centre for Addiction and ... Continue Reading
Community Hub

Strengthening our connection to libraries

Ontario’s public libraries play a critical role as community hubs, and nowhere is this more true than in the province’s remote North. Our government defines a community hub as a unique resource that provides access to services for people of ... Continue Reading
ORION's 2016 Annual Snapshot

We think you’ll love the new ORION

Last night, we had a few of our close friends over to warm up our new home.We were excited to welcome everyone over as it unveils not just our new address, but a new ORION.You may have noticed over the ... Continue Reading

ORION in the community: Ryerson University v4Lab

What do you get when you put highly inquisitive students and robots into Ryerson’s new Student Learning Centre? You see the very sparks of invention fly. That’s what happened from July 11 – 22, 2016 when ORION’s director of engineering ... Continue Reading