UpOnDigital 2020 Conference

February 24, 2020
ORION proudly sponsors this event Join us at the UpOnDigital 2020 conference where Digital Health Canada will explore how digital health initiatives will help support Ontario Health Teams (OHT) and Health Ontario. The conference will have a variety of presentations ... Continue Reading
Advancing Intelligent Health Care

Advancing Intelligent Health Care

In the not-too-distant future, health care in Ontario may dramatically transform for the better. Your doctor will be better able to identify your risk factors for certain diseases, which could help prevent you from getting sick. If you do fall ... Continue Reading
Saving Ontario’s most vulnerable infants

Saving Ontario’s most vulnerable infants

Infants receive the medical care that could help improve their delicate health and save their brand-new lives Some of Ontario’s most vulnerable residents can be found on the campus of McMaster University in Hamilton. But they’re not students. They are ... Continue Reading
Alla Reznik's lab

The battle against breast cancer

Lakehead University is one of the most remote universities in Ontario, but even here in Thunder Bay, on the rugged northern shores of Lake Superior, ORION is helping to empower innovation. Dr. Alla Reznik is an associate professor of physics at ... Continue Reading
Artemis project patient

Faces of Innovation: Improving patient outcomes with data

Southlake Regional Health Centre in Newmarket, ON, partners with ORION to bring high speed digital infrastructure to improve healthcare and health research. This initiative enables projects like Artemis, a health informatics platform headed up by Dr. Carolyn McGregor, lead of ... Continue Reading