Bianca Wylie at Smart City Data Governance Lab

Lessons from the lab: Smart cities governance

As the internet of things grows in the modern world, we find that our lives are more connected than ever and with these growing connections the idea of a smart city is becoming increasingly real. In fact, the Ontario government’s ... Continue Reading
WPA3: Evolution Over Revolution

WPA3: Evolution Over Revolution

What is WPA3?The Wi-Fi Alliance recently unveiled Wi-Fi Protected Access 3 (WPA3), the biggest security update to the Wi-Fi wireless networking protocols since their introduction 14 years ago. WPA3 is an evolution of the WPA2 protocol introduced in 2004 designed ... Continue Reading
Protect your information from online threats

Welcome to Cybersecurity Awareness Month!

The phrase, “humans are the weakest link in security” is one we’ve all heard by now. It’s proving to be very much the case as hackers are increasingly targeting humans instead of their network perimeter. Many recent security incidents have ... Continue Reading
ORION's Belt

ORION’s Belt: Issue 1

ORION’s Belt is our blog series highlighting a month of digital infrastructure’s latest shining stars. Each month, we’ll pick out some of the interesting stories we’ve been reading about. Have an idea you’d like to share? Shoot us a message. Researchers ... Continue Reading