Joanne Borges, 2018 ORION Leadership Award in K12, Limestone DSB, Kingston

ORION presents 2018 Leadership Award winners

TORONTO, May 2, 2018 – ORION has honoured three distinguished members of Ontario’s research, education and innovation community with a 2018 Leadership Award at its annual THINK Conference.   These exceptional leaders have leveraged ORION’s unique digital infrastructure and specialized services to ... Continue Reading
Part 2 THINK 2015 Workshop Notes: MUSH to Mashup

Part 2 THINK 2015 Workshop Notes: MUSH to Mashup

How do we build connected communities? At this workshop, we heard about an engaged university that’s seen beyond its campus to expand innovation into the region, and learned from various Ontario initiatives about how they worked together to link their ... Continue Reading
think workshop

Part 1 THINK 2015 Workshop Notes: Break and Remake Learning

We know that our educations systems must change to prepare students for a future we can’t fathom. With discussion from emerging leaders using technology to enable self-directed, collaborative, participatory learning in our own backyard, here are the key takeaways. Workshop Moderator: ... Continue Reading