The educational potential of virtual reality

When it comes to the future of education, virtual reality is emerging as a game-changer. This innovative digital technology helps educators bring learning to life through computer-generated simulations.

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How to use the VR (Virtual Reality) Headset

  • Use your mobile device to install apps, or use a website to watch VR videos.Choose one of the following recommended apps to watch or create virtual reality demos and simulations:Google Cardboard

    Cardboard Camera

    Proton Pulse for Google Cardboard

  • Confirm that there are two frames on your viewer/phone (the app or video may explain how to use your personal device alongside the VR headset)
    • Note: a single frame will result in a double image. When the screen of the mobile phone has two of the same images, it is ready to be used
  • Expand the silicone foldable section of the VR headset
  • Open the app that you have downloaded
  • Select an experience you wish to view
  • Place your mobile device within the mobile device clasp and enjoy

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