Happy Holidata!

As we wrap up 2018 and reflect on the first year in our three-year strategy, we are proud of the many milestones we have achieved in our work of empowering Ontario’s innovation economy.

These accomplishments illustrate our role as a trusted partner connecting institutions and regions, facilitating collaboration and providing advance network solutions. ‘Tis the season to share our community’s story with this year’s top 12 bits of data.


One conference: Advance Ontario will be next year’s joint Ontario digital infrastructure conference, as we work with our friends at Compute Ontario and SOSCIP to bring together all provincial players in Toronto in May 2019.


Three Exceptional leaders, pioneering innovations that leverage digital infrastructure, were awarded ORION Leadership Awards in 2018.

ORION Leadership Award Winners John Ferri and Carolyn McGregor


Three new board members have joined ORION’s board, bringing even more of our community’s input to ORION’s operations.


Four is the times our research and education collaboration bandwidth has increased since 2012. (421% to be exact)

enabling collaboration: Over 4X increase in traffic since 2012


Four Advisory Groups represent Ontario’s diverse innovation community to help guide ORION’s strategy.

Paul Inkila: ORION Advisor


Four recommendations for improving connectivity in Northern, rural and remote communities in Ontario.

Northern Ontario connectivity: Recommendations


Four pillars in ORION’s three-year strategy.

4 Pillars of ORION strategy45

45 is the per cent more that rural communities pay for commercial internet access than others.

Rural Communities pay 45% more for commercial internet access


Five is the speed, in Mbps, of service that 30% of Northern Ontario communities don’t have access to as of 2016, even though the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission considers upload speeds of at least 10 Mbps a “basic telecom service.”

30% of Northern Ontario communities don't have basic 5Mbps internet access


44 is the number of IT professionals who attended certified Chief Information Security Officer training in November at Niagara College; with participation from all colleges and five universities of Ontario.

CCISO training at Niagara College


100 gigabits per second of connectivity coming to Thunder Bay from Sudbury in 2019.

100Gbps coming soon to Thunder Bay and Sudbury


70 per cent of our network to be upgraded to 100Gbps in the next few years.

ORION network upgrades to 100Gbps