Meet the Faces of Innovation at diTHINK 2016

ORION’s Faces of Innovation video series highlights the phenomenal stories of educators, researchers and innovators across Ontario who are utilizing ORION’s connectivity to push the boundaries in innovation.

And at diTHINK, attendees will have the opportunity to meet peers across Ontario’s innovation landscape like those spotlighted in the Faces of Innovation videos, in order to discover what’s next in our digital future.

The Faces of Innovation video series is also a platinum winner of the 2016 AVA Digital Awards, celebrating excellence in digital content creation.

At diTHINK, we ask you to think about how the technology-enabled citizen is already impacting your institutions today and the possibilities that this ever-growing wave of innovation could have on the way we learn, work and play. Speaker presentations will inspire us around the possibilities, as well as explore the fundamental challenges, while breakout sessions will allow you to shape the way we meet these challenges within particular sectors.