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Six Nations Polytechnic becomes the first Indigenous owned and governed institution in Ontario to join the ORION network, fostering inclusivity and innovation

Six Nations Polytechnic joined ORION and Canada’s National Research and Education Network (NREN) in a groundbreaking partnership. They were officially connected in July 2023, becoming the first Indigenous owned and governed institution in Ontario and Canada to be part of the network. An announcement event happened on Thursday, September 21, 2023, at the Six Nations Polytechnic Brantford campus. Representatives from ORION, Six Nations Polytechnic, and key partners shared insights into the partnership’s significance. 

The addition of Six Nations Polytechnic to the network underlines the shared commitment of both organizations to foster greater diversity, equity, and inclusion. It will enable Six Nations Polytechnic to further create an equitable and inclusive learning environment that advances first-hand Indigenous knowledge, education, and skills training. This milestone marks a significant step in cultivating collaboration and connectivity for researchers and educators in Canada. 

ORION’s network offers ultra-high-speed bandwidth connections with greater reliability and enhanced security. ORION and Six Nations Polytechnic will work together to optimize access to academic resources and enrich the learning environment for students, staff, and faculty.  

We are thrilled to welcome Six Nations Polytechnic to the ORION network. This is a significant milestone in enabling collaboration and connectivity for Indigenous education institutions that contribute to the community’s pursuit of progress. It also opens avenues for potential partnerships with other institutions in the province. We look forward to enhancing research and education that will drive positive change beyond the classroom.

— Alfonso Licata, President and CEO, ORION

We are excited to join the ORION network and the NREN as the first Indigenous owned and governed institution in Ontario. This is an opportunity to be part of a network that embraces diversity and fosters innovation that will provide unprecedented opportunities for connectivity and collaboration for SNP staff, faculty, and learners. We look forward to launching SNP-led research via the network and the many opportunities this partnership can bring to education in our community.

— Rebecca Jamieson, President and CEO, Six Nations Polytechnic

Six Nations Polytechnic joining ORION and Canada’s NREN is a historic achievement for enriching Indigenous education and empowerment. The NREN is an essential collective of infrastructure, tools, and people that bolsters Canadian leadership in research, education, and innovation. ORION connects 1.7 million students, educators, and researchers to their peers nationally and globally. ORION and Six Nations Polytechnic are dedicated to further advancing research and education for Indigenous communities across Ontario and worldwide. 


About ORION:  

ORION is a not-for-profit organization supporting Ontario’s progress with essential digital infrastructure. Since 2001, we’ve facilitated new discoveries by connecting research and education institutions, regions, and people across the province, enabling collaboration, learning, forging partnerships, and providing our community with the digital tools and expertise they need to make the world a better place. 


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Director of Marketing and Communications 

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About Six Nations Polytechnic: 

SNP is a unique post-secondary organization, recognized by community, government and institutions of higher learning, as a centre of excellence for Indigenous Knowledge. SNP has 30 years of postsecondary success in partnership with twenty percent of Ontario’s publicly funded universities and colleges. SNP’s mandate of Indigenous Sustainability calls for the perpetual use of Indigenous Knowledge (understood and expressed through language, values and actions) that provides capacity to live in harmony with the natural world, while restoring and maintaining a healthy existence in a nation with diverse citizenship and needs.  


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Communications Officer 

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