ORION Community Training

ORION Community Training is a shared service providing cost-effective training and professional development opportunities for all connected institutions.

We procure, manage, and deliver training and professional development in response to the needs and priorities of Ontario’s research, education, and innovation community.

ORION Community Training enables continuous learning and professional development ensuring Ontario’s progress well into the future.

Evolution of Community Training

Our community told us that training and professional development are priorities for which ORION can provide much-needed support. We responded with a range of cybersecurity certifications and training. Guided by this experience and continued community input, we have expanded our training program to include business and IT skills, in addition to cybersecurity training. ORION Community Training offers cost-effective high-quality training for Ontario’s research, education, and innovation community.

Needs of our community

  • Ongoing access to certified cybersecurity skills training to address the increasingly complex security threat landscape
  • Refinement of business skills to support leadership development for IT and security staff
  • Ongoing access to IT upskilling to support service delivery in a landscape of continuously evolving technology
  • Increased opportunities to work and collaborate with others in their field
  • Cost-effective training, aligned with current budgets

Certified training for Ontario’s research, education, and innovation community

Collaboration, customization, and cost-effectiveness are at the heart of ORION’s Community Training program, with custom-tailored workshops designed with the work and goals of our community in mind. Our workshops allow ORION constituents to access and prepare for certifications in cybersecurity and vendor-specific platforms.

ORION Community Training provides opportunities to:

  • Fill security skills gaps through certified cybersecurity training and cybersecurity awareness training
  • Increase organizational capacity through business and technical skills training for IT staff
  • Enhance sector capacity through collaboration and network building


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