ORION Shared Security Operations Centre (ON-SSOC) is a community-driven platform that provides comprehensive threat detection and proactive protection from cyberattacks.

In today’s digital landscape, institutions have a critical need to safeguard their assets and defend against cyber threats. ON-SSOC combines a cloud-based platform with a team of cybersecurity analysts to monitor and respond to security incidents. It provides a heightened layer of defence against evolving attacks, enabling organizations to focus on their core business objectives.

Optimize your incident management and risk mitigation.

Detect and protect against security incidents ahead of time to minimize risks. Our experts will work with your internal team to set up ON-SSOC, so you can protect your intellectual property from attackers. Strengthen your cybersecurity posture by leveraging our expertise and collaborative platform.

Advanced threat detection and monitoring

  • Enable early detection of threats informed by data with near real-time monitoring and analytics.
  • Receive noise-free, actionable recommendations to help reduce resolution time.

Built by the community for the community

  • Leverage ransomware and data loss incidents within the community to defend against cyberattacks before they happen.
  • Influence the future growth of ON-SSOC by joining a community-developed and focused platform.

Proactive and evolving cybersecurity protection

  • Improve your security policies with periodic reviews between your internal team and ON-SSOC analysts on a platform that is synced with the CanSSOC database.
  • Enhance your National Cybersecurity Assessment (NCA) score by continuing to strengthen your security posture.

ORION’s commitment

ON-SSOC combines people, processes, and technology to secure your infrastructure from cyber threats. We will work with you to customize a comprehensive cybersecurity solution that is tailored to your specific needs.

At ORION, we understand the unique challenges of the research and education community in Ontario. We are committed to enhancing our community-driven platform to help you continue to improve your security posture.

Ready to take a proactive approach to threats?