Our Team


At ORION, we are community builders. Our community-focused philosophy is reflected in everything we do: from enabling collaboration through advanced network solutions to hosting information events for Ontario’s researchers, educators and innovators.
This strong sense of community is embedded throughout the entire organization. Our employees are a passionate and dedicated group of exceptional people who are pulling together for the common good. We are proud to provide them with the training, techniques and tools to expand their expertise to fulfil the digital requirements of Ontario’s research and education community.

Just as we facilitate a platform of collaboration across Ontario, we work at building relationships at ORION as well. In 2018, our employees worked together on team-building activities while painting and wood blocking, facilitated learning during Take Our Kids to Work Day and bonded in rain and hot weather at local Toronto attractions. And most importantly, we make sure that every member of the ORION team has an opportunity to contribute to high-profile events like our annual THINK conference.